Words Awake!

A Celebration of Wake Forest Writers and Writing!

K-12 Students


WORDS AWAKE! sent teams of current writing faculty, staff and students from Wake Forest University to lead workshops, read works, and speak to teams of students at nine public elementary, middle, and high schools in the Winston-Salem and Forsyth County schools system on Friday, March 23:

  • Helen Anders:  Mount Tabor High School journalism class (workshop, career writings)
  • Blake Brandes:  Carver High School English classes and assembly (poetry slam, speaking to school)
  • Frances Dowell:  Cook Elementary School (book club, English class with Dovey Coe)
  • Steve Duin:  Parkland High School (sports writing class, journalism class, possibly also a history class)
  • Eric Ekstrand:  Old Town Elementary School (poetry slam and workshop)
  • Laura Elliott:  Northwest Middle School (book club, English classes with Under a War-Torn Sky, A Troubled Peace)
  • Daveed Gartenstein-Ross:  Parkland High School (history classes)
  • Greg Griffey:  Parkland High School (government or science class)
  • Trice Hickman:  Parkland High School (women’s mentoring classes)
  • Malcolm Jones:  Reynolds High School (English classes)
  • Cameron Kent:  Paisley Middle School (English and journalism classes, students interested in writing novels)
  • Elizabeth S Norfleet:  Career Center Culinary classes (cooking, writing about food)
  • Jennifer Trafton:  Old Town Elementary School (book club, Mt. Majestic)
  • Melissa Venable:  Paisley Middle School (business writing, blogging, new media careers)
  • Doug Waller:  Parkland High School (English classes on biography and memoir); WFU History Honors Society reception and informal talk
  • Elizabeth Watson:  Paisley Middle School (science classes about writing, ecology, sustainability)
  • Quincy Whitney:  Mount Tabor High School English class (workshop, career writings)
  • George Williamson:  Parkland High School (theory of knowledge classes)

Lovers of the written word unite!