A Select Listing of Words and Works By and About the Members of the WFU Writers Hall of Fame

A.R. Ammons

This is a just Place: an issue devoted to the life and work of A.R. Ammons (1999)
Tape for the turn of the year (1965)
The City Limits: Home Edition (2001)
Easter morning (1986) Corsons Inlet; a book of poems (1965)
Garbage (1993)
Trap (1965)
Six-piece suite (1978)
Sphere: the form of a motion (1974)
Communication (1965)
Recording (1975)
Changing things (1981)
For the Lofty (1965)
The North Carolina poems (1994)
Ommateum : with doxology (1955)
Recovery (1964)
Expressions of Sea Level (1964)
The snow poems (1977)
Loss (1964)
Sumerian vistas : poems (1987)
Worldly hopes : poems (1982)
I couldn’t wait to say the word (1982)
Shuffling (1976)
Briefings; poems small and easy (1971)
Brink road : poems (1996)
Bosh and flapdoodle : poems (2005)
The mule poems (2010)

Maya Angelou

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969)
And Still I Rise (2001)
Lessons in Living (1993)
Gather Together in My Name (1990)
I Shall Not Be Moved (1990)
Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now (1993)
Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry like Christmas (1976)
Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women (2000)
Even the Stars Look Lonesome (1997)
The Heart of a Woman (1981)
Amazing Peace (2005)
Hallelujah! The Welcome Table (2004)
All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes (1986)
The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou (1994)
Mother: Cradle to Hold Me (2006)
A Song Flung up to Heaven (2002)
Letter to my Daughter (2008)

Russell Brantley

Fetch-life (2000)
The Story of Wake Forest (1955)
The Education of Jonathan Beam (1962)

Will D. Campbell

Brother to a Dragonfly (2000)
Robert G. Clark’s journey to the house: a Black politician’s story (2003)
Religious Emphasis Week, Ole Miss, 1956
Soul among Lions: Musings of a Bootleg Preacher (1999)
Delete ‘fundamentalist (1995)
The Stem of Jesse (1995)
An Inside View of the Racial Integration of Mercer-University (1995)
Providence (1992)
The Role of Religious Organizations in the Desegregation Controversy (1961)
The Convention: a parable (1988)
The Sit-Ins (1961)
Forty Acres and a Goat: a memoir (1986)
The Glad River (1982)
Race and the Renewal of the Church (1962)
Covenant: Faces, Voices, Places (1989)
Up to our steeples in politics (1970)
A life is more than a moment: the desegration of Little Rock’s Central High (1999)
The failure and the hope: essays of Southern churchmen (1972)

W.J. Cash

The Mind of the South (1941)
The literature of the American South (1998)
The Oxford book of the American South (1997)

E.E. Folk

W.W. Holden: a Political Biography (1982)
W. W. Holden and the Election of 1858 (1944)

Edgar Estes Folk, Jr.

A Catalogue of the library of Charles Lee Smith (1950)
The Mormon monster; or, The story of Mormonism with a full discussion of the subject of polygamy (1990)
Sunday the Christian Sabbath (1894)

Harold T.P. Hayes

The Last Place on Earth (1977)
The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey (1990)
Three Levels of Time (1981)
Smiling through the apocalypse : Esquire’s history of the sixties (1987)

Albert Hunt

The Language of Television : Uses and Abuses (1981)
Democrats Brace for Year of Living Dangerously (2010)
A Presidency Restored to Health (2010)
An Initiative to Spread the Fiscal Pain (2010)
The Long Road Back from Massachusetts (2010)
The DLC’s Phony Liberal Scare: Politics & People (1993)
A New Focus to the Homeless Problem: Politics & People (1993)
It Won’t Be Any Easier for Clinton in ’94: Politics & People (1993)

Gerald White Johnson

The Undefeated (1927)
Footnote to a current dialogue (1963)
Randolph of Roanoke (1929)
By reason of strength (1994)
Woodrow Wilson, the unforgettable figure who has returned to haunt us (1944)
America’s Silver Age: The Statecraft of Clay-Webster-Calhoun
The Religious Refugee: the non-combatant, as usual, is the chief sufferer (1926)
Our English heritage (1949)
America is born (1959)
America moves forward (1960)
America grows up (1960)
The Supreme Court (1962)
The Congress (1963)
The Presidency (1962)
The American People (1951)

John Charles McNeill

Lyrics from Cotton Land (1907)
The Pocket John Charles McNeil
Possums and Persimmons (1977)
Songs, Merry and Sad (1906)

Bynam Shaw

The History of Wake Forest College, Volume IV 1943-67 (1988)
The Sound of Small Hammers (1962)
The Nazi Hunter (1968)
Days of Power, Nights of Fear (1980)
Oh, Promised Land (1992)
Divided We Stand: The Baptists in American Life; a History (1974)
W.W. Holden: a Political Biography (1982)

Laurence Stallings

Plumes (1924)
The First World War: A Photographic History (1933)
The Doughboys; the story of AEF (1963)
Three American Plays (1926)

Edwin Graves Wilson

Wake Forest: a photographic portrait (1987)
History of Wake Forest College (1935)
Keats, Shelley, Byron, Hunt, and their circles; a bibliography: July 1, 1950- June 30, 1962 (1964)
Why not ask Shakespeare? (2002)
English romanticism: preludes and postludes: essays in honor of Edwin Graves Wilson (1993)

Emily Herring Wilson

Solomon’s seal (1978)
Down Zion’s alley (1972)
Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence: discovered letters of a Southern gardener (1975)
Hope and dignity: older Black women of the South (1983)
To fly without hurry (2001)
George Henry Black, 100 years (1979)
Arise up and call her blessed (1982)
For the people of North Carolina: the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation at half-century, 1936-1986
Mike O’Donnell and Quarry Farm (1985)
No one gardens alone: a life of Elizabeth Lawrence (2004)

Thomas O. Phillips

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