The Wake Forest University Writers Hall of Fame celebrates Wake Foresters of significant accomplishment in writing.  The inaugurating committee includes for consideration all types of writing up to but short of strictly or primarily academic writing.  Future Writers Hall of Fame planning committee members may choose to revisit that distinction.

Writers chosen for the Wake Forest University Writers Hall of Fame meet the following criteria:

  • are graduates of Wake Forest or have long association with Wake Forest, such as through teaching;
  • present exemplary work recognized at the regional or national level;
  • are of good character and reputation;
  • and have no stronger connection to another university.

The selection committee will choose intentionally to look to representative achievement across a wide range of writing, such range comprising poetry, prose fiction, prose non fiction (not scholarly), screenplay, dramatic literature, and other genre.  Also intentionally the selection committee members do not distinguish deceased from living writers for potential nomination.

The selection committee welcomes nominations to be considered for future classes of the Wake Forest University Writers Hall of Fame.

Adopted January 2012.

Affirmed 2015.

Thomas O. Phillips

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